A collection of Chantelle’s favourite recipes, from Planted, the Tredwells kitchen and from travels further afield. With a focus on seasonal and where possible local, ingredients, these are dishes that should put a smile on your face. The recipes have varying degrees of difficulty but start with more simplistic ones for children, up to the more complex ones for seasoned cooks.

Peanut Butter Pudding

Straight from Chantelle's cookbook ‘Planted‘, this is one of those desserts that ticks all the boxes for a luscious treat — peanut butter, caramel and chocolate.

Black Olive, Thyme and Onion Jam Rolls

The perfect plant-based savoury snack.

Pear and Ginger Pudding with Custard

A hug in a bowl, this is the pear-fect pudding for a post-dinner treat.

Video Recipe: Dark Chocolate Mousse

Follow along as I create my delicious plant-based dark chocolate mousse, found in Planted.

Cooking with Kids: Garden Dip

This is a great dip to dunk all those delicious crunchy vegetables in from the garden. You can also spread it on toast, or bread, or add make a sandwich with it. 

Cooking with Kids: Pizzas

Get the kids involved in the kitchen by making pizza from scratch. With this pizza recipe for kids, they'll see the dough 'grow' and can get their hands dirty, without too much mess! With the potential for different shapes and sizes, they'll be able to get creative as well.

How to Cook Monkfish

Always wanted to know how to cook this delicious fish? This video, via Good to Know Recipes, has Chef Chantelle show you how.

Cooking with Kids: Cheesy Green Spaghetti

Created for the Montessori St Nicholas RHS Chelsea Flower Show Centenary Garden, this recipe utilised the vibrant kale and herbs that were growing in the garden. It is a quick & tasty recipe - perfect for a week night family supper.

Beetroot & Chocolate Cakes

Taking inspiraton from the produce grown in the Montessori Centenary Garden at the RHS Chelsea flower show, Chantelle created these tasty recipes for children to make at home.

Maple, Cinnamon & Raisin Buns

These are a slight cross between a pain aux raisin and a Chelsea bun. They are a perfect winter treat with a good cup of coffee. If you can find the larger, sticky flame raisins they have a more intense flavour.

Crispy Chickpea Cakes

These chickpea cakes are delicious. I pondered what to call them as they are not a cake as such, but they are slightly gooey and incredibly moreish, so I thought they are like cake in that respect. Mole originates from Mexico and generally means a thick, spicy sauce. This one is almost like a pesto.


Makes one large jar, 1.5 litres