The Chefs' Manifesto in Stockholm

Chantelle joined the Chefs’ Manifesto in Stockholm in June 2019. The first stop was the Swedish Food Festival – Smaka på Stockholm – with a demonstration focusing on utiling surplus produce and plant-based ingredients.

The next day saw Chantelle partaking in a panel discussion at Swedish Food Tech on Alternate Proteins. Her takeaway; use these as an ingredient, not as a finished product.

Tuesday saw all the chefs each make a canapé for 100 guests for the Food Forever experience which focuses on signing up 2020 chefs by 2020 to support biodiverse ingredients. Chantelle’s canapé was a fava bean flour & chickpea pancake with buckwheat & lentils, green chilli salsa and a toasted walnut butter.  This one bite utilised 5 of the future 50 foods that we all need to be making more of.

The next day was the start of the EAT forum with a powerful message that time is running out for us to act to reverse climate change. Chantelle took to stage to demonstrate a delicious, plant-based dish using biodoverse and local ingredients – Hodmedod’s grains & legumes.